Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Activity Book {FREE}

Hey Everyone!

It won't be long and the big guy in the red suit will be here. And when the kids are away from the classroom/ therapy room they can lose some of their skills! We don't want you starting at square one in January, so hand out this package to your kids for some fun language practice over the holidays!
I made a Christmas activity package waaayy back in the day and I looked it over and made a few changes, added some things, and made some easier on the "eyes."
Check it out and download it- here.  You can use it as language centers in the classroom, for speech therapy or homework during Christmas vacay! 
And did I mention it's free?!

There are so many activities:
*printing practice
*segmenting sounds
*beginning sounds
*following directions

Download it here in my store and here in my shop! And I would be so grateful to have you follow one of my shops while you're there! :)
I hope you like it and take some time to give me feed back so I can improve!
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