Saturday, 2 November 2013

Camping, now?

Camping in November? Are you kidding me? If you live anywhere close to me you will know that it would be cold as heck and not very much fun! But, hey, why not have a camping theme in the classroom? Might be fun! You can put up a tent if you have enough room and make a little bonfire out of crafts. It will be fun and the more senses the kids involve the more they learn and retain! Plus if they have fun they always remember the activity and learn more!
 Theme pic from Amanda McDonald check out her on pinterest or her blog! Thank you!

This camping package targets reading, beginning sounds, vocabulary, & associations!

 Fake campfire for camping theme!
You can make snacks too! There are so many activities that you can try! 
Click here for more ideas from Pinterest
 Camping theme can be used for 1 or 2 weeks in the classroom or in therapy. You can use the camping theme to target so many goals. I found a great product on teacherspayteachers and it's free! This product targets pronouns and with a little imagination you can work possessives too!
If you have any great camping theme ideas post them in the comments!

Thanks to all Happy Campers for helping with their ideas and input for this post!

Happy Camping!


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