Thursday, 3 October 2013

Why aren't they talking?

Many people believe that to teach children language skills  you need to sit down and get out the flashcards! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Anything you do during the day, including routine activities, can be an opportunity to provide a language rich environment for your child.
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Use bath time as a time to talk with your:
· talk about anything
· Label body parts
· Label items in and around the bathroom
· Follow what your baby’s interested in– play with what they like to play with.
· Use short phrases  2-3 words.
· Use on, off, two, feet, hands, colors, and describing words—wet, dry, in, out, etc.
· Repeat the same words at least 5 times.
· Label sequences; first we put the water in the bath tub then we get in, etc.
· Ask open ended questions– not yes no questions. This will help to keep the conversation going!

         The first step to improving your child’s language skills is to observe them! Watch what they like to do and what interests them. Which toys, books and activities they play with the most and then talk about those items.

The second step is to Wait!
When they are talking don’t interrupt them and when you are waiting for a response– wait at least 5-10 seconds.
They may seem like very simple, easy skills but when you focus on them you realize how much you actually don’t use these techniques!

Have fun!


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