Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer, don't leave!

My, oh my! Where has the time flown! Here it is, August, and it seems like the time has gone by so fast! It is almost time to get ready for school!

During the summer you can play some easy games with your child so that they don't lose all of the skills they gained from the previous school year.

Here are some ideas to get the language going at home!

  • play 20 questions
  • play I spy
  • make an obstacle course in your living room if it's raining or in your yard when it's beautiful. Make sure to name and label the directions for your child. For example, "you are going through the tunnel, now you are under trampoline", etc.
  • read books
  • follow a recipe
  • play a board game
  • play store, school, barbies or cars with your child.
  • play Simon says
  • print off the calendar below for more language ideas!
  • go outside and just talk about what you see- don't quiz your child in a testing manner but have a back and forth conversation so that they don' t feel pressured to speak or get the right answer!

Enjoy the time with your kids, by the time you know it the summer will be just a memory and they will be back in school!


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