Thursday, 8 August 2013

Does technology make your baby smarter?

In short no! 
"Everything we know about brain research and child development points away from using screens to educate babies," said Susan Linn, the group's director. "The research shows that machines and screen media are a really ineffective way of teaching a baby language. What babies need for healthy brain development is active play, hands-on creative play and face-to-face" interaction.

Written by Anne Flaherty - The Associated Press.

After School Group- Reading to kids and having a discussion about the book!

If you want your child to interact and use good communication skills you need to communicate with your child. There is no iPhone app that will make your baby speak. Screen time will not guarantee your child's language skills, IQ, or academic success. Yes there are many apps that claim to improve communication, however; you need to interact and speak with your child while using them. It is like finger nails on a chalk board for me when I see babies with TV's in their room or a 2 year old with an iPhone playing games!

You need to talk, sing, read books and interact to get the language going with your children!

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