Sunday, 2 June 2013

Problems with speech therapy?

I have noticed that many parents are apprehensive about consenting for speech and language services. It makes me wonder why?
I like the glasses analogy. If your child needed some extra "support" with their vision, you would get them glasses. Most wouldn't even question it. And if your child was in class their teacher would not reprimand them for not being able to see things, nor would you. You wouldn't think less of them. You would just think they need support with their sight. That is how I see speech and language therapy.
 Some kids need a little extra boost with pronouncing some sounds or learning some grammar rules, or understanding how to follow directions. No biggie! If your school sends home consent to have your child screened or they have been seen by an SLP and require treatment go ahead and sign it. That is their job to support kids to reach their potential academically and socially!
I have heard parents say "I don't want them to be pulled out of class" or "it will make them feel different."
Here are my comments to that
1) if they are having difficulty with language they need more one on one support to be more successful in the class. Classroom assumes children have all the skills necessary that are appropriate for their age/grade level. This is not always the case- each child has goals specifically for them, working on what they need the most help with.
2) kids, especially younger kids, love to get pulled out of class because it makes them feel special. They love to get some one on one attention and to play a game, who wouldn't love that. There have been a few, very few maybe 4 in my 11 year history doing speech, that don't want to come. For those kids let them try a group setting' or do therapy in their class. There is always a way around it, that works for everyone.
You love your child, you want the best for them.
Why not!?


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